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Tailoring – Budapest

We have 16 years of experience designing, altering, repairing and adjusting clothing for men, women, children, seniors and even infants. We have made tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes.

Our Tailoring is a small studio in Buda offering an alteration service to designer clothing and a bespoke design service of handmade garments for ladies. This is a private, quiet little place you can feel confortable in and althought the quality is the highest the prices are reasonable. Since 1996 we specialise in made to measure garments for women as well as designer alterations for men and women offering a professional service to ensure that perfect silhouette.
Whether you require an alteration such as a simple hem or a complete reconstruction of your favorite garment, we will do what it takes to ensure you look and feel great in your clothes.
We successfully cover work on different fabrics from denim to lace and bridal wear, linen and silk to leather and shearling.


Our Tailoring offer a very high standard of alterations on all sorts of fabrics for ladies and gents clothing. Garments are tailored to your specification at our studio to fit your shape and style.

Made to measure

The dressmaking process usually takes 2-3 weeks and you will be involved directly so you can be assured you will receive a garment fitted to your shape and requirements. All work from scratch to the last detail is done in our studio.

Clothes copying

If your all-time favourites are worn out or no longer available in the shops, we can cut a pattern from your original clothing, source the fabric or you can buy it yourself and re-make your favorite over and over again.

Leather and shearling tailor

We can adjust, remodel and tailor leather The experience with leather is more of resources than talent. We have the machinery that is capable to adjust and modify all leather goods that are currently manufactured in the clothing industry.


  •  Men’s Tailoring
  •  Ladies Tailoring
  • Made to measure
  • dressmaker
  • Tailoring leather
  • leather tailor

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